School’s Out, Fun’s In for February Vacation

School’s Out, Fun’s In for February Vacation

February 25, 2019

Never fear, there’s plenty to do on the Island this week.

Martha’s Vineyard schools are on vacation this week, like many others in Massachusetts. The Island has plenty of options for students to spend that free time, as well as an all-ages community lunch served at no cost Monday through Friday at local libraries. Consult the Complete Martha’s Vineyard Calendar for the complete schedule of events; here are some highlights, all free unless a price is indicated:

Of course, there are also lots of things to do on the Vineyard that are more free-ranging:

  • Walk ocean beaches, including several that are open to all comers only in the off-season—Lucy Vincent, Quansoo,  Squibnocket and Lambert’s Cove beaches are all spectacular, and all restricted to town residents from May to September.
  • Explore the Island’s open lands using the TrailsMV mobile app, which leads you to and through more than 100 conservation properties around the Vineyard.
  • Go bowling, or watch the action from the restaurant and bar, at the Barn Bowl & Bistro.

Find many more vacation-week events in the Complete Martha’s Vineyard Calendar. And have a great February vacation!


Photo by Ray Ewing



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