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Island Fish Prints

‘Making impressions, one fish at a time.’ 

Jeffrey is a 50 year old, 5th generation native of Martha’s Vineyard Island. Catching, eating, selling, and printing fish has been a part of his entire life. He loves the outdoors and has found a way to bring it inside. His art style allows that which swims in the water to be forever cherished through art, history, conversation and beauty. He is a member of the Nature Printing Society. 

Gyotaku (pronounced GHEE-OH-TAH-KOO) is the art and technique of Japanese Fish Printing. Gyo means ‘Fish’ and Taku means ‘Rubbing’ or ‘Impression’. The earliest known Gyotaku were made in the 1860’s to preserve a true record of the size and species of fish caught by Japanese anglers. It later evolved into an art form. The technique combines the accuracy of scientific illustration with expressive composition of oriental art.

In his style of Gyotaku fish rubbings, the actual fish is his canvas. He applies colorful acrylic paint to the fish itself. Once completed, cloth or handmade paper is pressed onto the surface of the fish. When the cloth or paper is removed, he is left with a beautiful impression. This process allows him to bring a passion for fishing, art, history, and conversation to your walls whether it be in your home, office, or business. 

Note: Jeffrey’s prints are best ordered on Premium Archival Grade Matte Canvas. 
When selecting paper – Cold Press Watercolor, Velvet Digital Art, or Photo Rag 308 in that order best represent the original print.