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Randi Baird Photography

As a wedding photographer on Martha’s Vineyard for over 25 years my team and I have captured countless nuptials in some of the most beautiful settings. Your wedding is of the utmost importance, and we are honored to be given the opportunity to tell your story. Our team is committed to earning your confidence and delivering timeless, distinctive images that authentically capture your most precious day.

Weddings are intimate and festive affairs. They are full of joy and happiness, laughter and tears, nerves and humor. It is our job to capture all of these precious moments, in an honest and unobtrusive way. We’ll be there to document the anticipation, emotion, and celebration of your day, from the pre-ceremony jitters to the lively reception and all the tender moments in between. With decades of experience we can offer our guidance and support throughout the day, ensuring the perfect execution of your vision.

To best tell your story we combine professional techniques with a thoughtful and personal approach. Our team strives to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in every way. We’re playful and respectful, we do not interfere but capture what unfolds naturally. This allows you to enjoy yourself, and each other, while we focus on capturing the moment. We don’t photograph what it looks like, we photograph what it feels like. With your trust, and the utmost attention to detail, we will deliver the most authentic and compelling images from your wedding day.