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Eating Out on Martha’s Vineyard: 2019 Restaurant Guide


Here’s a town-by-town guide to restaurants, snacks and cafes on Martha’s Vineyard.


The Aquinnah Shop: 27 Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah

Chilmark Chocolates: 19 State Road, Chilmark

Chilmark General Store: 7 State Road, Chilmark

Chilmark Tavern: 9 State Road, Chilmark

Cliffhangers: 21 Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah

The Food Truck: 512 North Road, Menemsha

Home Port: 512 North Road, Menemsha

Menemsha Deli: 24 Basin Road, Menemsha

Menemsha Galley: 515 North Road, Menemsha

Orange Peel Bakery: 682 State Road, Aquinnah

Orange Peel Bakery Café: 33 Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah

Outermost Inn and Restaurant: 81 Lighthouse Road, Aquinnah



19 Raw Oyster Bar: 19 Church Street, Edgartown

A Slice of Edgartown: 22 Dock Street, Edgartown

Alchemy: 71 Main Street, Edgartown

Among the Flowers: 17 Mayhew Lane, Edgartown

Atlantic: 2 Main Street, Edgartown 508-627-7001

Atria: 137 Main Street, Edgartown

Back Porch: 14 A Street, Suite 3, Edgartown

Behind the Bookstore: 46 Main Street, Edgartown

Bettini Restaurant: 131 North Water Street, Edgartown · 508-627-7000

Black Sheep Market: 18 North Summer Street, Edgartown

Black Sheep Mercantile: 17 Airport Road, Edgartown

China House: 234 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

The Covington: 52 Main Street, Edgartown

Chesca’s Restaurant: 38 North Water Street, Edgartown

Dairy Queen: 242 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

Détente: 15 Winter Street, Edgartown 508-627-8810

Depot Market: 141 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

Dippin’ Donuts & Humphreys: 241 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, Edgartown

Dock Street Coffee Shop: 2 Dock Street, Edgartown

The Dunes: 31 Dunes Road, Edgartown 508-627-4747

Edgartown Diner: 65 Main Street, Edgartown

Edgartown Pizza: 224 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, Edgartown

Espresso Love: 17 Church Street, Edgartown

The Fish House: 17 Airport Road, Edgartown

The Food Truck: 4 North Line Road, Edgartown

The Ice Cream & Candy Bazaar: 5 Dock Street, Edgartown

Isola: 19 Church Street, Edgartown

Katama General Store: 170 Katama Road, Edgartown

l’étoile: 22 North Water Street, Edgartown

Lucky Hank’s Restaurant & Café: 218 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

Mad Martha’s: 7 North Water Street, Edgartown

MacPhail’s Café : 18 Dock Street, Edgartown

Murdick’s Cafe: 19 North Water Street, Edgartown

Murdick’s Fudge: 21 North Water Street, Edgartown

The Newes from America Pub: 23 Kelley Street, Edgartown

The Port Hunter: 55 Main Street, Edgartown

R&B’s Eatery: 258 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

Right Fork Diner: 12 Mattakesset Way, Edgartown

Rockfish: 11 North Water Street, Edgartown

Rosewater Market & Take Away: 20 South Summer Street, Edgartown

Roxana Bar: 131 North Water Street, Edgartown · 508-627-7000

The Seafood Shanty: 31 Dock Street, Edgartown

Sharky’s Cantina: 266 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

Smooth Moves M.V.: 33 Winter Street, Edgartown

Soigne: 190 Upper Main Street, Edgatown

Stop & Shop: 225 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

Taco MV: 33 Winter Street, Edgartown

The Square Rigger: 225 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, Edgartown

The Terrace at The Charlotte Inn: 27 South Summer Street, Edgartown · 508-627-6227

Toccopuro Coffee: 3 South Water Street, Edgartown

Town Bar and Grill: 227 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

Tropical Bakery: 266 Upper Main Street, Edgartown

The Wharf: 3 Main Street, Edgartown

Wolf’s Den Pizzeria: 249 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, Edgartown

Quarterdeck: 29 Dock Street, Edgartown

Vineyard Scoops: 56 Main Street, Edgartown

Wave Bar: 23 Kelley Street, Edgartown



0 Below Thai Ice Cream: 7 Circuit Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs

20byNine: 16 Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Back Door Donuts/M.V. Gourmet Cafe & Bakery: 5 Post Office Square, Oak Bluffs 508-693-3688

Bangkok Cuisine: 67 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

The Barn: 13 Uncas Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium: 20A Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Biscuits: 26 Lake Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Big Dipper Ice Cream & Café: 4 Lake Avenue, Oak Bluffs ·

The Black Dog Dockside Café: 12 Circuit Avenue Extension, Unit 3, Oak Bluffs

The Cardboard Box: 6 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Carousel Ice Cream Factory: 15 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Chef Deon’s Kitchen: 14 Towanticut Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Coop deVille & Shuck Shack: 12 Circuit Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs

Dilly’s Taqueria: 12 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Farm Neck Café: 1 Farm Neck Way, Oak Bluffs · 508-693-3560

Fat Ronnie’s Burger Bar: 7 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Fishbones Bar & Grille: 12 Circuit Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs · 508-696-8227

Giordano’s Restaurant: 18 Lake Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Good Ship Lollipop: 61 Circuit Avenue, Oak

Island Bar & Grill: 11 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta: 32 Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Linda Jean’s Restaurant: 25 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Lobsterville Bar and Grille: 8 Circuit Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs

Loft/Pizza di Napoli: 9 Oak Bluffs Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Lookout Tavern: 8 Sea View Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs · 508-696-9844

Mad Martha’s: 12 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Co.: 9 Oak Bluffs Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Midnight Train Food Truck: 27 Lake Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Mister Pugg’s Mugg: 49 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Mocha Mott’s: 10 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Murdick’s Fudge: 5 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

MV Salads: 55 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Nancy’s: 29 Lake Avenue, Oak Bluffs

New Moon Magick: 4 Chapman Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Ocean View Restaurant & Lounge: 16 Chapman Avenue, Oak Bluffs · 508-693-2207

Offshore Ale Co.: 30 Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs · 508-693-2626

The Oyster Bar 02557: 6 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Park Corner: 20 Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Portuguese-American Club: 137 Vineyard Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Taco MV: 50 Circuit Ave, Oak Bluffs

The Red Cat Kitchen: 14 Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs

The Ritz Cafe: 4 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Rosie’s Frozen Yogurt: 19 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Sand Bar & Grille: 6 Circuit Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs ·

Sea Smoke Barbecue: 7 Oakland Avenue, Oak Bluffs · 508-338-7404

Sharky’s Cantina: 31 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

The Sweet Life: 63 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

The Sweet Spot: 12 Circuit Avenue Extension, Oak Bluffs

Toccopuro Coffee: 45 Circuit Ave, Oak Bluffs

Tony’s Market: 119 Dukes County Avenue, Oak Bluffs · 508-693-4799

Vineyard’s Best Ice Cream & Coffee: 12 Kennebec Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Y Cafe: 111R Edgartown-Vineyard HavenRoad, Oak Bluffs · 508-696-7171 x 222



ArtCliff Diner: 39 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

Beach Road: 79 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

Behind the Bookstore: 18 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

Bernie’s Ice Cream and Fudge: 22 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Bite on the Go: 86 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

The Black Dog Bakery Café: 509 State Road, Vineyard Haven

The Black Dog Tavern: 20 Beach Street Extension, Vineyard Haven

The Black Dog Water Street Bakery: 11 Water Street, Vineyard Haven

Blissed Out: 65 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Bobby B’s Seafood & Pizza: 22 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Copper Wok: 9 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Garde East: 52 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

Life at Humphreys: 455 State Road, Vineyard Haven

Island Cove Adventure Grill: 386 State Road, Vineyard Haven

Island Fresh Pizza & Subs: 395 State Road, Vineyard Haven

La Choza Burritos: 4 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

The Larder: 342 State Road, Vineyard Haven

La Soffitta: 82 Main Street, Vineyard

Little House Café: 339 State Road, Vineyard Haven

Mad Martha’s: 48 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Mikado Asian Bistro: 76 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Mocha Mott’s: 15 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Murdick’s Fudge: 79 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Nat’s Nook: 38 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

The Net Result: 71 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

Not Your Sugar Mamas Organic Cafe: 79 Beach Road, No.16, Vineyard Haven

Porto Pizza: 36 Water Street, Vineyard Haven

Rocco’s Pizzeria: 79 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

Scottish Bakehouse: 977 State Road, Vineyard Haven

Shepherd’s Provisions: 395 State Road, Vineyard Haven

Sweet Bites: 32 Beach Street, Vineyard Haven

Tisberry Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies: 29 Main Street, Unit C2, Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Caribbean Cuisine: 13 Beach Street, Vineyard Haven

Waterside Market: 82 Main Street, Vineyard Haven

Wolf’s Den Pizzeria: 45 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

Woodland Variety & Grill: 455 State Road, No. 4, Vineyard Haven



7a foods: 1045 State Road, West Tisbury

Fella’s Takeout: 479 State Road, West Tisbury

State Road: 688 State Road, West Tisbury

Woods at Lambert’s Cove Inn:90 Manaquayak Road, West Tisbury 508-693-2298

Plane View: 71 Airport Road, West Tisbury