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Martha's Vineyard Shopping on MV

Shopping on MV


Martha's Vineyard shopping

Martha’s Vineyard Shopping

Come see what Martha’s Vineyard’s merchants have to offer and discover why shopping on MV is shopping as it should be.   Even in the height of the summer season or before the holidays, the mood is relaxed and welcoming.

For many visitors, Martha’s Vineyard’s lack of shopping malls and familiar brand outlets is part of its attraction. But don’t be fooled!  Shopping on Martha’s Vineyard is a pleasure many visitors partake in all year long.  Besides the charming shops of every description that line the main streets of Island towns, Martha’s Vineyard also offers many other exciting options to shoppers.  Craft fairs, farmer’s markets, artist and craft studios abound.  Some of the better known of these include the Vineyard Artisan’s Festivals which take place from Memorial Day through the winter holidays, the West Tisbury Farmers Market which offers pantry items in addition to its fresh Island produce and the Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks where shoppers can view the process by which its glass-blowers create beautiful objects for sale in their studio.

From beautiful crafted handworks, delicious small batch pantry items, carefully edited clothing collections, books, summer gear and all the basics, Martha’s Vineyard’s shops, though small, offer an astounding range of merchandise in an atmosphere that make shopping on MV an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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