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Food and Dining on Martha’s Vineyard


dining on martha's vineyardSurrounded by the sea and rich in farmlands and open fields, Martha’s Vineyard is perfectly placed to offer an unparalleled choice of foods and fun places to enjoy it.  You can crack open your lobster on worn wooden tables right on the shore or atop fine china in any number of the Island’s restaurants.  Relish a brown bag full of fresh fried oysters while strolling on the pier or enjoy them on the half shell with cocktails on a deck overlooking the harbor.  Warm yourself with chowder or cool down with an inventive salad composed of crisp greens, picked fresh the same morning.  Food on the go –pizza, hot dogs, subs and ice cream – and food to linger over, Martha’s Vineyard welcomes you to its table.


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Eating Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Restaurant Guide

Dining out on Martha’s Vineyard offers many pleasures: locally sourced foods, fresh seafood and of course, the delicious seasonal dishes prepared by the Island’s creative and talented chefs. From simple sandwiches to tasting menus, artisanal beers, fine wines and inventive cocktails, come dine with us on MV!

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