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Eating Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Restaurant Guide


Eating Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Restaurant Guide

Please contact restaurants to confirm days and hours of operation
Please note:
Establishments that are open all year may occasionally be closed for cleaning and /or repairs for a month or more in the winter
Seasonal restaurants may open as early as April and close as late as December 31

$=budget; $$=mid-range; $$$=moderately expensive; $$$+=high end


Tropical, Vineyard Haven508-696-0715open year round; $

Name/TownPhone  Details
20 by Nine Oak Bluffs508-338-2065seasonal; $$
Alchemy, Edgartown508-627-9999open year round; $$$+
Among the Flowers, Edgartown508-627-3233seasonal; $$
ArtCliff, Vineyard Haven508-693-1224open year round; $$
Atlantic Fish & Chop House, Edg508-627-7001seasonal; $$$
Atria, Edgartown508-627-5850open year round; $$$
Bangkok Cuisine MV, Oak Bluffs508-696-6322open year round; $$
Barn Bowl & Bistro, Oak Bluffs508-696-9800open year round; $$
Beach Plum Inn, Menemsha508-645-9454seasonal; $$$+
Beach Road Restaurant, VH508-693-8582seasonal; $$$
Beetlebung Coffee House, OB508-696-0053open year round, $$
Beetlebung Coffee House, Men’sha508-645-9956seasonal; $
Behind the Bookstore, Edgartown774-549-9123open year round; $$
Bite on the Go, Vineyard Haven508-693-6646open year round; $
Black Dog Cafe, Vineyard Haven508-696-8190open year round, $$
Black Dog Tavern, VH508-693-9223open year round; $$$
Black Sheep, Edgartown774-549-9118seasonal; $$
Chesca’s, Edgartown508-627-1234seasonal; $$$
Chilmark Tavern, Chilmark508-645-9400seasonal; $$$+
Cliffhanger’s, Aquinnah 508-955-9163seasonal; $$
Coop de Ville, Oak Bluffs508-693-3420seasonal; $$
Copper Wok, Vineyard Haven508-693-3416open year round, $$$
Dean’s Kitchen, Oak Bluffs 508-693-9261open year round, $$
Detente, Edgartown508-627-8810seasonal; $$$+
Dock Street Coffee Shop, Edg508-627-5232open year round; $
Down Island508-338-2503seasonal: $$$
Edgartown Diner, Edgartown 508-627-9337open year round $$
Edgartown Inn, Edgartown508-627-4794season’l brkfst only; $
Edgartown Pizza, Edgartown508-627-7770open year round; $
Espresso Love, Edgartown508-627-9211seasonal; $
Farm Neck Cafe, Oak Bluffs508-693-3560seasonal; $$$
Fellas on Union508-338-2701seasonal; $
Fishbones Cafe, OB508-696-8227seasonal; $$
Garde East, Vineyard Haven508-687-9926seasonal; $$$
Giordano’s, Oak Bluffs508-693-0184seasonal; $
Grill on Main, Edgartown508-627-8344open year round; $$
Henry’[email protected] View, Edg508-627-3761open year round; $$$
Home Port, Menemsha508-645-2679seasonal; $$$
Island Bar & Grill, Oak Bluffs508-693-4516seasonal; $$
Isola, Edgartown774-549-9428seasonal; $$
Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta, OB508-687-9702open year round; $$
Ken ‘n Beck, (Red Cat) OB508-696-6040seasonal; $$$
La Choza, Vineyard Haven508-693-9050seasonal; $
La Soffitta, Vineyard Haven 508-6879448 seasonal; $$$
Lambert’s Cove Inn, W. Tisbury508-693-2298open yr round; $$$+
l’etoile, Edgartown508-627-5187seasonal; $$$+
Lighthouse Grill @ Harbor View508-627-3761open yr round; $$$+
Linda Jean’s, Oak Bluffs508-693-4093open  year round; $
Little House Cafe, Vineyard Haven508-687-9794open year round; $
Lobsterville, Oak Bluffs508-693-0099seasonal; $$
Lola’s, Oak Bluffs508-693-6093seasonal; $$
Lookout Tavern, Oak Bluffs508-696-9844seasonal; $$
Lucky Hank’s, Edgartown508-939-4082open year round; $$
Mac Phails, Edgartown508-939-3090seasonal; $
Menemsha Fish Mkt, Men’sha508-645-2282open year round; $$
MV Chowder Co, Oak Bluffs508-696-3000open year round; $$
Nancy’s, Oak Bluffs508.693.0006seasonal; $$
Nat’s Nook, Vineyard Haven508-338-2340open year round; $
Newes Pub, Edgartown508-627-4397open year round; $$
Net Result, Vineyard Haven 508-693-6071 take out seasonal; $
Ocean View, Oak Bluffs508-693-2207open year round; $$
Offshore Ale, Oak Bluffs508-693-2626open year round; $$
Outermost Inn, Aquinnah508-645-3511 seasonal; $$$+
Park Corner Bistro, Oak Bluffs508-696-9922open year round; $$
Plane View, Edgartown508-693-1886open year round; $
Porto Pizza, Vineyard Haven508-693-6200seasonal; $
Quarterdeck, Edgartown508-627-5346seasonal; $
Right Fork Diner, Edgartown508-627-5522seasonal; $
Rocco’s Pizzeria, Vineyard Haven508-693-1125open year round; $
Rockfish, Edgartown508-627-9967open year round; $$
Sandbar & Grill, Oak Bluffs508-693-7111seasonal; $$
Scottish Bakehouse, W. Tisbury508-693-6633open year round; $
Seafood Shanty, Edgartown508-627-8622seasonal; $$$
Sharky’s, Edgartown
Sharky’s, Oak Bluffs
open year round; $
open year round; $
Slice of Life, Oak Bluffs508-693-3838open year round; $$
Square Rigger, Edgartown508-627-9968open year round; $$
State Road, West Tisbury508-693-8582open yr round; $$$+
Sweet Life Cafe, Oak Bluffs508-696-0200seasonal; $$$+
The Bite, Menemsha508-645-9239seasonal; $
The Dunes @ The Winnetu508-627-3663seasonal; $$+
The Port Hunter, Edgartown508-627-7747seasonal; $$$
The Terrace @ Charlotte Inn, Edg508-627-6227open yr round; $$$+
The Wave508-627-7900seasonal; $$
The Wharf, Edgartown 508-627-9966open year round; $$
Tropical, Vineyard Haven508-696-0715open year round; $
 Waterside Market, VH508-693-8899open year round; $