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Martha's Vineyard Activities

Martha’s Vineyard Activities

Martha's Vineyard activities Martha’s Vineyard offers so much more than the beautiful beaches we are justly famous for! Whether you are planning to visit in the summer or at anytime throughout the rest of the year Martha’s Vineyard offers many activities to beguile the hours you spend on its shores.  For example, years before it attained its current level of popularity Martha’s Vineyard was already a much sought destination: Late in the 1800s visitors seeking a summer retreat that coupled a religious atmosphere and relaxing get-away came and created the tent city that eventually morphed into the Gingerbread Cottages that are among Oak Bluff’s most popular visitor destinations today. The Campground’s end of season Illumination Night is till one the Island’s most popular annual events. As the twentieth century dawned other groups, including writers artists and members of the Harlem Renaissance flocked to Martha’s Vineyard, giving it its reputation as the creative mecca it still enjoys today

Today as in years past, boating and other watersports, camps, classes, horseback riding, fitness training and more are just a few of the many activities that are available on Martha’s Vineyard. Whether your idea of a fun activity is stretching out on the beach, a yoga mat or stretching your limits as you windsurf the waters of Nantucket Sound, Martha’s Vineyard provides you with the opportunity to pursue your passion.   And there’s more going on  indoors: take a culinary class that relies on local farms for its raw materials, explore woodcarving,  hone your writing skills, visit an Arboretum,  watch art glass being created by Island artisans…whatever your age, whatever your interest, Martha’s Vineyard offers you the opportunity to enjoy each day here to the fullest.

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Martha’s Vineyard has long been a multicultural oasis with a rich tradition of attracting visitors and settlers of many races and nationalities as well as being the ancestral home of its own Native American community. Within this framework, the Martha’s Vineyard’s African American Heritage Trail organization and the Heritage Trail History Project have done much […]

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Winter is a great time to develop the coffee house habit and Martha’s Vineyard provides the perfect venue. Bring a book, your laptop or your current literary work in progress. Stake your claim to a window seat or more discreet table in the back.  Kick back a few espressos and get busy or wait for […]

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