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At The Yard : New Dances from the Next Generation


Wed 09/06/2017
5:00 pm

The Yard

Contact: The Yard
Address: 1 Middle Road
Website: http://dancetheyard.org
Admission fee: Yes
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Sponsors: The Yard
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The 2017 Yard artist-interns Literally strut their stuff: New dances from the next (and next-door) generation

Artist-Intern Showing Don’t Panic – At least we have each other choreographed by Anaya Bobst, Agnese Cebere, Alison Geroche, Caitlin Canty, and Juan “Coel” Rodriguez
Sonnet 82 choreographed by Anaya Bobst
A Work in Progress choreographed by Ali Geroche
Broom Time choreographed by Juan “Coel” Rodriguez
Mannequin choreographed by Agnese Cebere
A Moment of Sincerity choreographed by Caitlin Canty

Come and join the 2017´s Yard Artist-Interns in an evening where they will share their collaborative choreographic project as well as individual works. The pieces examine, investigate, and deconstruct the different kind of experiences the artists have had during their time at The Yard this summer.


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