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Quality Time! Family Friendly Event & Family Dance Party


Fri 08/11/2017
6:30 pm

The Yard

Contact: The Yard
Address: 1 The Yard
Website: http://dancetheyard.org
Admission fee: Free
Relevant Link:
Sponsors: The Yard
Benefit for:

Quality Time! Family Friendly Event followed by a Family Dance Party with members of Case Closed! Dance Company.

Case Closed! Will be performing a new piece entitled The stage is yours. This performance combines the dance styles of urban street dance such as Krump, Breakdance, Urban Dance choreography, freestyle, and storytelling. Case Closed! will take you through their struggles and obstacles in their daily lives by stressing how dance is their form of expression to relieve personal pains. Through dance, storytelling, and music, the performers turn their negativity into creativity.Tickets: Pay What You Can – Donations encouraged at checkout






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