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Nelson Sigelman: Martha’s Vineyard Outdoors, Fishing, Hunting, and Avoiding Divorce on a Small Island


Tue 01/23/2018
7:00 pm

Vineyard Haven Public Library

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Address: 200 Main Street
Website: http://www.vhlibrary.org
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In this collection of columns, former Martha’s Vineyard Times editor and Vineyard Haven resident Nelson Sigelman describes an Island preoccupation, less notorious than tourism but more obsessive, rooted in fishing, hunting and waterfowling traditions that shaped the Island’s character well before a mechanical shark named Bruce and presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama attracted slavish media attention to our community.

Nelson will speak about what would cause an otherwise sane man to jump off a dock into Edgartown Harbor to free a fishing line from under the Pied Piper ferry; the finer points of deer urine; and some of the unique individuals he met over the course of 26 years  — and how he managed to stay married.

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