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Casablanca — 75th Anniversary Screenings


Wed 11/08/2017
3:00 pm

Edgartown Library

Contact: Edgartown Library
Address: 26 West Tisbury Road
Website: http://www.edgartownlibrary.org
Admission fee: Free
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Sponsors: Edgartown Library
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Two Screenings Today:  3 pm and 7 pm

“You must remember this… ” sings Dooley Wilson as Sam, in one of the most beloved American films, Casablanca.  This captivating wartime adventure from director Michael Curtiz turns 75 this month and just gets better with age.  With memorable dialogue, Bogart and Bergman’s chemistry, a deep cast of great character actors, and a stirring anti-Fascist message, it is a masterpiece. Come and enjoy it on the library’s big screen.

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