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Martha's Vineyard Travel & Transportation

Travel & Transportation – Martha’s Vineyard


Travel & Transportation on Martha's VineyardMany of the questions that come to us at MVOL.com have to do with travel and transportation on Martha’s Vineyard. Here are a few things you should know:  Martha’s Vineyard is an Island – consequently there is no way to drive onto MV – no bridges, tunnels or causeways.  That said, many people find that getting here and getting around is part of the fun!

Fly or Ferry Over to Martha’s Vineyard
Ferry service, with or without your car, is available throughout the year. In season, Martha’s Vineyard is served by passenger-only ferries leaving New York,  Rhode Island, several locations on Cape Cod in addition to the year-round car ferry from Woods Hole, Massachsetts. Visitors can also fly to the Island’s airport from major metropolitan areas. As with the ferry service, flights come into the Martha’s Vineyard Airport all year long but are more frequent and serve more cities on the mainland in the summer.

Your Options Upon Arrival

Once on Martha’s Vineyard, explore the Island’s 100 square miles, by car, bike, our local bus system, tour bus or taxi.  You will find these options all located near to incoming ferry terminals. Bus and private tours of the Island are a great way to explore Martha’s Vineyard. When planning your trip take a moment to read about all  the options here on MVOL.com, we think you’ll be pleased to see all we have to offer.


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