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What Would Henry Do? Essays for the 21st Century

What Would Henry Do? Essays for the 21st Century

Tue 10/24/2017
7:00 pm

Vineyard Haven Library

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Address: 200 Main St.
Website: http://www.vhlibrary.org
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Today on our little planet, we live in bewildering times. We’re essentially faced with this question: what should we be thinking, saying and doing about the challenges bearing down upon our lives? Answers can be hard to come by. The community of Thoreau Farm Trust, believe they have to search for them. So we wondered, if Henry David Thoreau were alive today, what would HE think, what HE say, what would HE do? “What would Henry Do?” a collection of essays for the 21st century will be presented by Holly Nadler, Margaret Carroll Bergman, director of the Thoreau Farm Trust, and Peter Alden the author of 15 books on North American and African wildlife. Margaret, Holly, Peter and President Jimmy Carter have written feature essays for the book.

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