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This Halloween Pick the Perfect Pumpkin!

halloweenThere are few sights more delightful than a green meadow aglow with orange pumpkins. And what is more fun on a cool, crisp day than to pick out that one special pumpkin! Depending on whether your plan is to carve or to cook, start  with these hints and suggestions for finding the perfect pumpkin.

For Carving:
Color and shape are your main concerns.  Sometimes it’s ghoulishly fun to have the pumpkin a bit green to accentuate the macabre.  But if you plan to roast  the seeds you find inside, stay with well-ripened specimens.  These are most likely to have lots of plump seeds to roast.

For Baking:

–Look for “pie pumpkins” or “sweet pumpkins” that are smaller, sweeter & easier to work with.
–Stay away from pumpkins that are light in relation to their size. These tend to be less fleshy.
–Select pumpkins with at least 2 inches of stem left intact. Stemless pumpkins decay quickly.
–Avoid pumpkins with blemishes & soft spots though the shape of the pumpkin is unimportant.
–One pound of raw, untrimmed pumpkin yields about 1 cup of finished puree

Pumpkins and More…

EDGARTOWN HARDWARE: 61 West Tisbury Rd. (across from Edg.School) 508-627-4338
Decor and more!

VINEYARD GARDENS: 484 State Rd, West Tisbury 508-693-8512
Pumpkins, live decor, mums and more!

TISBURY FARM MARKET: 342 State Road, VH 508-693-2223

STOP & SHOP: Water St, VH & Upper Main St., Edg; 508-693-8339, 508-627-952

SHIRLEY’S HARDWARE: 374 State Road, VH; 508-693-3070

MORNING GLORY FARM: Edg – WT Rd, Edg; 508-627-9003

JARDIN MAHONEY: State Rd at County Rd, OB; 508.693.3511

DONAROMA’S: 271 Upper Main St., Edg 508-627-8366