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Summercamp Welcomes Guests on the Oak Bluffs Harbor Front


An iconic presence along Oak Bluffs harbor, the historic Wesley Hotel, reopened last April for its 2nd season as Summercamp, following the fresh and fun renovations that invite guests to relive the glorious days of childhood summers — while also enjoying some very adult amenities.

Completely renovated and refreshed, the Oak Bluffs hotel overlooks the sparkling blue harbor in the center of our colorful Martha’s Vineyard town. Featuring 95 stylish and whimsical rooms and suites, Summercamp is your key to a fun and relaxing harbor-side island vacation.

Summercamp reflects the rustic, retro and nostalgic touches that any former camp-goer (or former child) can embrace! Gaze at the harbor from your deck chair, grab a snack from the Camp Canteen, or play ping pong or Twister in the game room. Come experience Summercamp for yourself! To learn more, visit https://www.summercamphotel.com.