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Go Native: Fun Facts About MV

Fun Facts You Might Not Know About MV:

4 Fun facts You Might Not Know about MVAny place you visit has a few quirks that locals take for granted but cause visitors to ask…”Excuse me???” Ultimately, these just add to the fun and being forewarned lets you look out for them beforehand.  Here are some personal favorites to get you started…though we’re sure you’ll have a few of your own to add as you explore Martha’s Vineyard.

Don’t plan on stocking your wine cellar during your vacation.  The ‘vineyard’ in the Island’s name refers to the profusion of wild grapes found by Bartholomew Gosnold and his crew when exploring the Island in the opening years of the seventeenth century. Martha was Gosnold’s youngest daughter.

No RV’s at the Campground4 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About MV: When folks say they are going to the Campground for Illumination Night,  movie screenings or a band concert, the reference is to the community of cottages arranged more or less concentrically around the Methodist Tabernacle located just behind Oak Bluffs’ main street, Circuit Ave. The small, ornate ‘gingerbread’ homes evolved from tents that sprung up annually at the revival meetings held here in the 19th century. Though you won’t be able to pitch a tent, and there’s no spicy cake, visiting this charming community is a treat none the less.

The On-Time ferry is always or never true to its name, depending on your point of view. Carrying a handful of passengers and about 3 cars per trip, it crosses back and forth from downtown Edgartown to Chappaquiddick continuously throughout the day.4 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About MV

The elusive MV-Cape Tunnel: Once you’ve actually been to the Island it’s pretty obvious that there is no tunnel connecting the Island to the mainland.  But for those who are still in the planning stages of a Vineyard vacation, seeing cars with ‘MV-Cape Tunnel pass’ plastered onto their cars, it can seems like a great option.  No bridge, no tunnel…make your ferry reservations early!